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Affordable Tray Top Receptacles

Affordable Tray Top Receptacles

Running a business involves many costs, but cleaning up after others shouldn’t be ones of the prices that you have to pay. Whether you’re just a simple cafe that conveniently offers trays for the ease of your clientele, or a full size cafeteria that has hundreds of people passing through, large capacity commercial trash cans can make disposal so much easier.


Our professional trash receptacles provide a tray top rest area above to make sure that trays aren’t trashed! Not only do trash receptacles do you a favor, but these standing commercial trash cans are easily seen, making it simple for your patrons to find where they can dispose of their trash. Unlike your typical trash can, our trash receptacles are made of sturdy wood making them less likely to fall over. A push door makes sure that the trash that goes in stays in.

The refined wood finish makes these commercial trash cans a luxurious improvement to your old trash can, one that you can proudly leave in the front of the store and not have to hide. For high traffic or public areas, choose our polished trash receptacles.

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